Short Story- Untitled and Unfinished

The best part of moving into a new neighborhood is the slew of letters I have to write to all my neighbors. There’s nothing better than typing ‘Hi, I’m a sex offender!’ on my computer and letting it print ten, twenty, thirty, a thousand times. If that wasn’t bad enough, I also get to learn all my new neighbors names and their addresses, so they can learn that I’m a sex offender. My mother always told me that first impressions are the lasting impressions, and with these letters, I’m sure nobody will ever forget who I am.

Here’s the thing though- I’m not a real sex offender. I’m nineteen and my ex-girlfriend is seventeen. Everything was consensual on both of our ends. I didn’t force her to do anything, there were no threats, nothing. It was pure ecstasy, pure love. Nobody sees that though. If I asked you what you thought of whenever you heard the phrase “sex offender” you’d think I raped little girls and boys. I don’t blame you though, since that’s what you learned. Believe me though, I’m not attracted to children. They shit their pants, their hands are always sticky, and for some godforsaken reason they always need to be yelling. Fucking kids. Getting back on track though, I can tell you that my mom hates me. Yes, my very own mother is part of the society that hates me and fears me. I suppose fear is a large word. It’s not that she fears me, it’s just…if she knew this is where I’d be at nineteen she’d probably just go to the clinic.

My name’s Nick and I’m fresh out of jail. Since I’m a sex offender, this means I’m societies bait. Go onto any sex offender website and you’ll find me along with the real scum. The guys that actually stick their fingers up a newborn’s anus or rip out the insides of a little girl. I shouldn’t be calling them scum though, considering I’m one of them. We’re all brothers and sisters, right? What a crock.

I got a story for you actually. Just the other day I was taking a walk, a stroll rather, to get some fresh air. The sun was out and it was mid-morning, around 10:00, so I figured why not? So I’m walkin’, mindin’ my own business and I realized I was by the playground. Most people think that all kids are in school by 10:00 but they forget about the kids that are too young to be enrolled. I know I did. The looks I got from the moms and dads playin’ with their three year old kid…if looks could kill, I would’ve been crucified. I’m pretty sure one of them had their phone out, ready to call the cops!

This is my life. This is my life every damn day because my ex-girlfriend decided to file for sagitory rape.


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