Hot Rich White Girls Need To Stop Posting Motivational Quotes

Thought Catalog

To my younger sister,

I love when you and other young models post inspirational quotes on Instagram.

“Remember to breathe.”

“Embrace your dreams.”


I can only imagine you sharing that wisdom with a starving child in Uganda: “Aw. Why are those flies on your eyes? Why is your entire family dying of Typhoid Fever? Why aren’t you embracing your dreams? We are all #blessed! You need to discover your passions and travel more!”

I blame our parents for not imparting you with even the slightest amount of perspective. Just face the fact that, by the sheerest chance, we’ve won a genetic and geographic Super Lottery in every sense of the word:

We weren’t born into the terrors of Siberia in WW1, or into disease-annihilated India in the 1700’s. We were born in the 1990’s, to stroll comfortably through the coolest, most advanced, First-World metropolis on the planet.

You’re 18…

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