A Rambling.

I am 22. I attend a University in an accelerated course for my Bachelor’s Degree. I watch Pretty Little Liars, listen to mainstream Top 40 radio, and my favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. I’m sure by now a total of three out of the five people (if that) who read this have already clicked the ‘X’ button on their screen to get my filth off of their precious MacBooks. Yes, I also own a MacBook.
Being age 22 means that I am constantly going through the odd feelings of being better than everybody but at the same time being irrelvant and unimportant compared to everybody else out there. It’s only logical to compare my life to Michael Jackson’s legacy, right?
Everybody has me figured out by now. College student, feminist, activist, etc. I guess I could claim all those titles, but for a title don’t you have to actually do something? Sharing an article I found interesting on Facebook doesn’t necessarily make me brilliant. I can also assure everybody that I have not done any research on the topic aside from said article.

This is what is going on today. But, instead of actually doing something about it, I’ll just write a blog post. I wouldn’t want to cause too much attention to myself (or would I?)

Sometimes at night I sit and think- ‘Have I really changed that much since high school?’ Granted, it’s only been five years, but a lot can happen in that timespan. Hell, a lot can happen in five minutes.
Let’s list the changes:

1. Moved out.
2. Went natural.
3. Got a full time job.

That’s about it. I’ve picked up some different hobbies and retreated back to ones that I’ve dropped off. I’ve binge-watched Orange is the New Black with the best of them, along with Californication. On occasion I’ll get drunk alone in my apartment and smoke marijuana. (I’ll never buy my own pot though, because I don’t do drugs. Isn’t that the thought process?) All the while, I’ll bitch about how much I “hate” people and how “life sucks” yet I want to “help” people with my degree. Pick a side, will ya?!

Listen- I love going to school and what I’m learning, but I’ll tell you what I really want (and what I believe most people want) We want to be remembered. We want to be famous! For what? It doesn’t matter. From Nelson Mandela to Britney Spears, everybody has left a legacy. Some have left a legacy so large that it seems that nobody can fill those shoes. Those shoes shouldn’t have to be filled!

The world is a big place- I mean, it’s really fucking big. Why should everybody be saying “This person is going to be the next Michael Jackson” or “This person is going to be the next Maya Angelou”? Michael Jackson and Maya Angelou did their duties. They have already graced the world and they have already left.

Stop trying to compare yourself to those who have already made their mark. Stop following in the footsteps left by them. There is a lot of fucking land and ocean to be discovered. Leave your mark someplace else.